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How to set up in the begining?

I have some problems with starting:

  1. Could someone explain how to tune mongo-protection? I replaced all “changeme”'s and someone drops my databases at schedule, when I upload my site to server. I also tuned furewalld and nothing helps.
  2. How to replace standard storefront to mine? I just replace example-storefront folder to mine and there is no benefit. Only launching with dev-mode helps, but reaction-admin deads and I can’t make it works again
    Thanks for your replies.

Hi @Deigmin, welcome to the Reaction Commerce community!

  1. What do you mean by mongo-protection? Not sure I’ve heard of this before. Are you referring to securing your MongoDB instance in general?
  2. As you said, you need to enable development mode for your changes to example-storefront to be taken into account and built. To do a production build of your changes, run docker build -t [your-tag] . inside your example-storefront directory, then push the Docker image to a remote repository and use it on whatever setup you use for your production deployment.

Regarding your issues with reaction-admin dying on its own, what error are you getting in the container logs? I bet it’s an issue with your Docker daemon not being allocated enough RAM. If you can try to bump up Docker’s RAM settings to at least 6GB, that would probably solve it. If not, post your logs on here and I’ll try to help.

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I’ve experienced the MongoDB hijack mentioned. As a result, I documented things which need hardening on my website and also opened an issue where users may contribute their own hardening tips.