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How to integrate Telescope and ReactionCommerce's user accounts?


I want to have two applications, one is a book review community very much like telescope, the other one is e-commerce (book store) built by Reaction Commerce. I hope they share the same user accounts table so that users only need to register once and can visit both sites.

I want to implement this in a proper and scalable way. In the future, I’ll need some functionality like following:

  1. On Telescope site, users can post book reviews, and if a user found some interesting review and want to buy the book to read, just by one click, they can go to the right book shelf on Reaction commerce site and buy the book.
  2. a user bought a book from ReactionCommerce site, this event can be notified to this user’s friends on Telescope site.

I’m new to meteor and don’t know how to implement this properly. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!


I believe we share the same accounts, Reaction is using Meteor.accounts and the accounts packages, but with a custom UI. @jeremy has a lot of experience with Telescope… any thoughts?


Thank you, aaronjudd.
Another dumb question: suppose I already have a meteor site running under directory A, which is also using Meteor.accounts packages, and now I want to build a shop with Reaction in directory B, how can I tell my Reaction application to use the same user collection with my book review site? I think ( I’m not sure this is the fact) by default, the Reaction will build a new user collection for itself in its own directory.
Best wishes.


We have our copy of the user in Accounts so that we don’t touch the default users - collection that all apps that use Meteor.accounts use. So for most meteor apps, sharing the login/accounts should just work out of the box - if you’re sharing the database. (so if you are running as two separate apps, you’ll need a shared db). By default Meteor creates a local db folder in .meteor, but you can prefix the meteor run command with MONGO_URL="mongodb://" meteor to run a local shared db (or point to the other apps instance, meteor port + 1)


Thanks again for your nice explanation.