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How-to install on GoDaddy server?


Hi there,

Is it possible to install reactioncommerce on my godaddy account? I have a hosting linux plan, and can anyone point me in the right direction to start setup on my hosting plan? I’m sorry, I’m kind of newbie admin servers and need some help.


I’m sure you could, as long as it’s a Linux based hosting account. We have no experience with GoDaddy specific hosting though, so you might want to refer to since you say you are a bit new. The Galaxy deployment is probably the easiest at this time, although we’ll offer hosted versions in the near future as well.


GoDaddy doesn’t support Node as far as I know, the server has to have Node installed to run “reactioncommerce”. But if Right now your best bet is to get a virtual dedicated server but in the near future they will have some additional options that will be priced closer to the Shared price point but with Node support. Hope this helps!