How to create custom file upload


i want to upload and show images in home page like the one in add new product page, any idea and suggestions


I guess the easiest thing would be to copy over the code from the product page and start from there modding it to your needs:



CollectionFS configuration


but as per reaction call on 21.feb.2018, reaction planned to remove collectionFS and changing to reacion-file-collection. so can i use the above give collectionFS


Couldn’t you directly fetch the Products collection as per your need and the media collection alongside in the home page template helper?


actually i created brand new collection named banners
i want admin to upload banners which will be displayed as carousals at landing page.
now i am in confusion implementing upload procedure. as collectionFS going to be replaced with reaction-file-collection


I guess Brent wrote some plugin to upload. He mentioned about it in the last community call. You should check with him once on gitter


i will check with him, thanks for the info


Nice guidance buddy @prinzdezibel. Thank you!