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How to choose best web hosting for website?


Hello mate,

Have a very good day to all. I need your help please about my new website. I am looking for a reliable web hosting. Which one would be good?

Thank you so much!


Without any context, it’s hard to recommend something.

What kind of traffic are we talking about? What’s your (or your client’s) budget? Are you able to handle the DevOps side of things yourself or do you have someone in your team with those skills?

I would generally recommend Reaction Commerce’s managed platform because it’s particularly hassle-free, but it might be expensive for very small businesses.
Otherwise, go for a Digital Ocean/AWS setup but be prepared to spend quite some time hacking around. Deployments will also be a lot more cumbersome.


Yes, another vote for Reaction Hosting but if that’s out of your budget you might also want to consider Galaxy. It’s not super cheap but not too expensive either and offers Meteor-focused hosting.


Here is my recommendation -

  1. Reaction Host - Best, however costly as compared to other.

  2. Meteor Galaxy - Best for Meteor App, however a bit costly

  3. Digital Ocean - Very Cheap - however you’ll need to manage all on your own and support is not that great.


There’s also Heroku which might fill the slot between DO and Galaxy cost/support-wise.


Thanks @Brent. Thanks for addition.