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How to build the ReactionCommerce source code?


Hi All,

I am a newbie at this technology and have a traditional software back ground. We generally use a make system to compile and build our products. I was wondering if there is some instructions on how to build the source code.

Much appreciate the help.



Hi @asrajan. Your best place to get started building Reaction is to install the reaction-cli (see below). Reaction is built on top of Node and Meteor and the app is mostly built by Meteor’s build tool. However, reaction-cli adds some features on top of that and is the only interface you should need to get up and running.

First, make sure you have all of the requirements installed for your OS


# Node v4 or higher required

# install the CLI
npm i -g reaction-cli

# clone Reaction
reaction init my-app-name

cd my-app-name

# build the app and start the development server 
# at http://localhost:3000/

More info:

If you get stuck on anything, feel free to post questions here in the forum. Good luck!


Hi Jeremy,

Thanks a lot for the information. This is quite useful. I should be able to read what reaction-cli does to figure that out right?

Also there is a noticeable load time (haven’t benchmarked yet). Is that expected?



Yes, you can see the available reaction-cli commands by running reaction --help

Are you asking about the initial page load time in the browser or the amount of time it takes to create a new app with the reaction init command?


Hi Jeremy,
The initial load time in the browser.