How to add customers?


In a fresh install of Reaction Commerce, there is a dashboard UI to add Admin users (currently only Owner and Shop Manager. I don’t see any way to add Customers even though I see a “Customers” group in the list of groups under “Edit Groups”. Am I missing a plugin or something?


Customers are created when a new user signs up for an account. A new user account is by default a customer.

If you’re testing something out, you can register as a customer by clicking the “Register” button in the accounts dropdown.


When I register as a new user, the user is created as “Guest” Is this the expected behavior? How do I register a new user as a “Customer”


Where are you seeing the user registered as “Guest”? Are you referring to the name that is next to the user image after you register? If so, that’s just a placeholder display name.


As soon as the user adds their name (which they must do when the make an order), it will update to show their real name:



Thanks for the responses. So yes, I was initially confused by the fact that the newly registered customer showed up as “guest.” As you said, once I set the name, the full name was displayed.

I’m also confused by the accounts UI in the dashboard. It seems like it initially displays information only for the Owner and Shop Manager groups, but not for example, Customers. Is there no Admin UI where I can view all of the customers in my store?

In our store, we might not be using the registration mechanism to add new customers (this is still being designed). But since I wanted to see what a user/customer looked like in Reaction, I created a new group called “MyCustomers” and sent myself an invitation to join that group. After verifying my email via the link in the email I received, I was able to access the store as this new user. However, when log in as admin and go to the Accounts UI, that user is not listed in the MyCustomers group.

What am I missing?


I think there are a few things going on here, hopefully I can answer all the questions:

  1. Currently at this time, you can only view customers that are added to a group. There is no way to view all customers in the Accounts UI. You can view customers by searching in the search modal, but there is no browse. We have a ticket to move this into the Accounts UI:

  2. Your steps of adding a user to your new group MyCustomers should work. Do you have screenshots or more steps to recreate this?


Note: We have made some UI modifications including overriding some components. But none of these modifications were made in the Accounts UI. However, I am seeing some errors in my browser console. Not sure whether we’re causing this or whether it’s causing this problem. For example:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of undefined
    at Object.pushActionView (main.js:592)
    at Object.handleShowPackage [as onClick] (packageListContainer.js:16)
    at ListItem._this.handleClick (listItem.js:27)
    at Object.ReactErrorUtils.js.ReactErrorUtils.invokeGuardedCallback (modules.js?hash=e88d78b2bb3cbc56a837012f0f67fd3ffeede1a9:111764)
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    at Object.executeDispatchesInOrder (modules.js?hash=e88d78b2bb3cbc56a837012f0f67fd3ffeede1a9:111568)
    at executeDispatchesAndRelease (modules.js?hash=e88d78b2bb3cbc56a837012f0f67fd3ffeede1a9:110958)
    at executeDispatchesAndReleaseTopLevel (modules.js?hash=e88d78b2bb3cbc56a837012f0f67fd3ffeede1a9:110969)
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at forEachAccumulated (modules.js?hash=e88d78b2bb3cbc56a837012f0f67fd3ffeede1a9:111871)


Warning: Failed prop type: Invalid prop `noDataText` supplied to `ReactTable`, expected a ReactNode.
    in ReactTable (created by Reaction(SortableTable))
    in Reaction(SortableTable) (created by Reaction(GroupsTable))
    in div (created by Reaction(GroupsTable))
    in div (created by Reaction(List))
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    in withProps(Reaction(AccountsDashboard)) (created by Tracker(withProps(Reaction(AccountsDashboard))))
    in Tracker(withProps(Reaction(AccountsDashboard)))


  1. Log in to dashboard as Admin
  2. Click on Accounts tab
  3. Click “New Group”
  4. Name group “INITCustomer”
  5. Save. “INITCustomer” now appears in the groups dropdown next to “Send Invitation” button
  6. Select INITCustomer in the dropdown and send invitation to my personal email address
  7. Verify email via link in invitation email and set password.
  8. Log in as this user (successful)

At this point the new user has been created successfully. I confirmed this by looking at the Accounts and users collections in Mongo. In the Accounts collection, I can see that the newly-created user document does have a reference to the INITCustomer group’s id (in the groups array). So everything looks good at this point.

However, the new user is not displayed in the Accounts UI under the INITCustomer group (screenshot follows).


Additional information. I debugged into the AcountsDashboard and GroupsTable components. When the GroupsTable component renders the INITCustomers group, I can see that the group.users array is empty. So I’m guessing that something is not set up correctly in Mongo. Not sure what though

  1. So there is no feature to edit the profile name other than through making an order? What if I want to become a seller and would like to have a custom profile name, do I have to purchase items first?
  2. How do I edit profile picture?