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How to add Cash On Delivery as a payment method


Hi everyone,

I want to add COD (Cash on delivery) as another payment method like all other eCommerce platform. How i can add that? I have programming knowledge in meteor so, if you just direct me in right way then i can do the rest.

Thank you for your help.


You might want to look at this package. It needs to be rewritten for our current plug-in format, but otherwise it was a working COD plugin.

You can follow the instructions for converting from the old format to the new format here.

If you run into any problems just ping me in the Gitter channel.


Hi, I wonder about your progress with this.


I also wanted to implement COD for my local implementation. Would love to hear about any progress on this.


We plan to be releasing a Community plugin (our first one!) that will be a simple implementation of COD. I would expect this to be finished within a week or so


Any updates on this?


This plugin is now available here

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Is this plugin work with reaction new release ?


@Dileepa_Balasuriya As far as I’m aware, this plugin needs a bit of work to be compatible with the latest Reaction Commerce release. It is community-supported, which means you can go ahead and make a PR to get it up to speed.


@loanlaux I’m new to this. How can i make a PR to this.


Simply fork the repository, make your changes and then submit them as a PR to the upstream one.

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