How ready is Reaction for hosting a company with 1000's of products?



I’ve been looking into the possible use of Reaction as our new eCommerce technology. So far, it looks great, the customisation and constant updates that you guys are providing really sell it for us.

I’ve had a brief play around with the open source content and I like what I’ve seen (aside from UI bugs & a few functionality issues). Before I go any further with revising my Meteor skills, I wanted to know how Reaction will handle a database of 20k products and up?

Is Reaction aimed at small to medium sized shops? Or will there be ample support in place for a larger database?


I have been trying to work this out too, from what I have seen node and mongo will handle it better than other solutions, but you will need to spend a fair bit of time making a theme or UI that allows a customer to navigate such a large range of products.


Yes indeed, that’s what my google searches turned up as well.

I don’t mind spending a week or two tinkering with UI to make it work, as long as in the long run performance wont drop when more products are added.