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How can I get reaction source code after I create it with docker images in Kitematic?


I’m a bit nervously with Reaction commerce and docker images because I’m starting to study it right now.However I installed Kitematic and create the reaction images which I found on the images list. after download and build in Kitematic the reaction is work fine but I don’t know how to get that source code and how to deploy it to digital ocean too.
So hope everyone help to guide me some flow for getting it work.

This is the docker image that I have created in Kitematic.


Hi, I’m new to this too, so I’m no expert but:

To install on your local machine, you don’t need to use kitematic, you could just use the reaction Command Line Interface:

This will pull the source code locally so you can see it on your machine. But if you want to make custom plugins / themes you will then need to do more. The guys at reaction seem to suggest building a docker image from the local code changes. But if you need to work with other developers this may not work. You can also clone fork reactioncommerce/reaction to github/bitbucket and create your own dockerfile on docker hub and deploy a custom build like that.

Im not sure about deploying on DO but the docs are here:

Im going to write a tutorial on deploying with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, so if you want code for that I can help with that.


hi, I am wondering which image do you use.
I am using this one
but when I start it always show no MongoDB installed.


That’s because MongoDB isn’t installed. You need to provide a MONGO_URL environment variable to the container when starting it.

docker run -d \
  -p 3000:3000 \
  -e MONGO_URL=mongodb:// \