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Grouped order / Split payment between different users


Hello everyone,

I just discover Reaction Commerce and I might use it for my next e-commerce project, but I have a question about a feature I would like to develop…

I would like to make possible for my customers to make a grouped order (basically they will order the same product but split the bill), would it be possible to create such feature with Reaction commerce and if so is there a documentation who could help me on this task?

Thank you all!


Hi @basaa88, that’s possible but will need some customization. The data structure was designed to accommodate this, and we in fact did have build split orders and split payments (but not between users) in an early order workflow prototype. We decided the feature needs some more planning before making it available, so we put that on the backlog for future development. I believe @3maestros recently developed something like this as well and might be able to assist in some advice.