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Grahpql page not loading in reaction even after multiple installation. Its only show 'This Page can't be reached'

After installation whenever i try to open the graphql page in reaction it doesn’t shows up

I’m working on setting up a first custom shop. Had this issue as well.

I started here GitHub - reactioncommerce/reaction-development-platform: Reaction Platform is the quickest way to run Reaction (reactioncommerce/reaction) and its supporting services—Reaction Hydra (reactioncommerce/reaction-hydra) and Example Storefront (reactioncommerce/reaction-next-starterkit), and followed the steps. After ‘make init’ and ‘make start’, some components started, while localhost:3000/graphql was not available.

The step that took me forward was on the commandline navigating to the reaction-admin and the reaction directories, and enter ‘docker-compose logs -f’. Found log statements here which brought me forward. Hope it helps! (I’m having other issues right now, so I fear this is all the help I can provide).

Cheers, Aril