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Getting error: No shipping methods are configured. Configure now


Installed Reaction. All things seems good. But when I try to make an order, I get error “No shipping methods are configured. Configure now.” I have four Flat Rates.


This should / could have been resolved in release 1.1.1


It may be that the issue isn’t the one I just linked to. It’s not immediately obvious, but you need to “enable” each method as well. (working on that UI soon).


Also, note that once the shipping methods are configured, you’ll need to add a new address in checkout, or re-save the address in checkout, before an existing cart will update the shipping methods. (ie, something about the cart data needs to change)


Thanks!! Enabling in DB of at least single method worked!
But now I’m getting similar error: "No payment methods are configured. Configure now."
Is there way don’t use any payment service and just get orders to make admin manually service them?


There is not an out of the box way, although you could probably look at either the discount codes or the example-payment-methods plugins as examples to add a custom payment method (really just move the status along, with some default payment method info in this case). You could actually use a discount code as a payment method as well.


@aaronjudd thank you