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Getoutfitted on reaction?


Hi all,

I saw the testimonials here. But if I look at their website’s view source, it’s on shopify. Any idea?



Hi Eric,

Spencer from GetOutfitted here. We are launching on RC very shortly (within the next week if all goes well). You are correct that currently our front-end is served by Shopify, we have been piping orders into RC from Shopify and using RC behind the scenes for our fulfillment team for a while now.


thanks for your confirmation :slight_smile:

i do wonder, since you are an ecommerce

why did you switch from shopify to reaction?

and meteor is not strong with seo (not too sure how reaction handles this)

any tips for me? thanks.


Hi @ericmachine88 - we’ve finally made the switch from Shopify to Reaction on the frontend and are now 100% meteor/reaction. We’ve made this decision for a number of reasons, but the primary one is that we needed to be able to customize business logic in our ecommerce shop more than Shopify allows. We’ve also put a lot of work into building shipping and logistics modules for our fulfillment and customer success teams and that’s been a lot faster to develop on meteor than on Shopify.


Congratulations @spencern! Much respect, guys!