Experienced developer available for reaction custimization


Hi everybody I’m available for any reaction projects where you need to add plugins, designs or custom features. I’ve added payment services, multi-vendor capabilities, memberships, google maps API, 360 videos, separated orders for vendors, appointments for services and many other functionalities. My website’s blog is also a reaction commerce Is also a reaction commerce site, it’s ingenial.com.co. I speak English fluently and work well in teams.

Feel free to contact me and we can set up a video conference call to discuss it further.

Thank you,
Sebastian Ramirez


Can you do production for multi vendor marketplace for services?


Yes I’ve actually implemented a feature like that in a past version of reaction commerce. I can show them you if you’d like, and give you a demo. It would probably be a little different because of their new marketplace feature. Thanks


Bookmarked your post for further reference.