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Dockerized Dev Environment


Why? Because I wanted to have a sanity check against my locally installed npm. I also boot many operating systems (Arch, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, CoreOS, FreeBSD, windoze, mac), and many of them have various quirks getting npm to behave properly. NVM is pretty good at unifying my node versions in most cases, but being able to test that against a known alternative is useful. So why not?

@jeremy mentioned it in chat yesterday, and the topic has come up before. So I setup an automated build at dockerhub

you can get a selfcontained ephemeral demo (does not save data):

docker run --name reactiondevdemo -d -p 3001:3000 joshuacox/reactiondev:demo

or you can mount in a local reaction folder to see it rendered on node-8:

        docker run --name reactiondev -d \          
                -p 3002:3000 \                                  
                -v $(REACTION_ROOT):/home/node/reaction \                                                

@jeremy I’ll gladly field issues, suggestions, requests, perhaps for other node versions, PRs, etc, at the github repo.

And at any point in time, I’d gladly contribute any of the above or the whole repo to reaction officially.