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Do we need meta-tags for SEO for products?


Hello, my knowledge in SEO is pretty small, so I’m not sure my proposal is correct, but I think, currently we have lack of meta-tag fields for products.

I think we should add meta-description and meta-keywords fields to product schema and provide an ability to fill them through PDP or settings bar.

The similar fields we could add to tag schema, because this is also important for SEO.

So, what do you think about it?


Here is Matt Cutts (head of Search Results for Google) on meta-description and meta-keywords.

But the TLDR of it is that no search engines use keywords anymore. But the description tag is worth doing. Also, we should probably add in some fields for some Google proprietary semantic tags (the names which escape me at the moment).


Thanks for reply. Google – yes, but in Russia we have Yandex which is could be even more popular here and it is not clear from their documentation (I suppose this is secret) how they are work with keywords, so there is a chance that they consider keywords in search ranging.

That’s why question about keywords is still opened.