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Different domains, single shop, overlapping products


HI Folks,

I am looking at the ReactionCommerce. pretty nice.

My requirement is to have a multiple domains with a single shop (domain can be
obtained through location.hostname on client for example).
Each domain may differ products or not (by a mongo selector for example).
Each domain may differ theme or not.
The accounts are shared between domains.
Different home and sitemaps for each domain including their specific products.

It is possible? Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

Thank you so much!

Jônatas Renan


I have same questioned and no replies, did you get any answer?


This is a pretty old topic but it is indeed possible.

@jonatasrenan mentioned “different themes” for each domain, which could (if there are enough differences) be done by simply having different storefronts connected to the same Reaction back-end. Each of these storefronts would respond to a particular domain, and pass an adequate shopId in its GraphQL queries and mutations.

You would register each domain as its own shop in the Shops collection, and products would be linked to the relevant shopIds to show on the right domains.