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Deploying on AWS


I am planning on deploying on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, so I am hoping to find other people working on this, if you are let me know…
Also I have put a quick ‘How To’ together with some code, if anyone wants to try it and let me know how they get on that would be great…

How To: Deploy Reaction Commerce on AWS Elastic Beanstalk


Thank you for this great article. I can follow it easily, but I still can not visit my site in reaction docker log, I see this error e22:41:36.231 ERRORe Reaction: eMail not configurede, Does it matter?


@future it is working right now. Thanks again, but the loading time is too long. is it because the t2.small server is slow or the reaction app need to be optimized?


@goingeast I THINK the speed is because of the database, you will want to setup a faster db with replica sets with either mongo atlas or mlab. But make sure the db version is 3.2 not 3.4.

Make sure all the servers/dbs are in a location near you. Let me know how you get on, I will be doing some performance tests soon.


Not sure off the top of my head what size a t2.small is but we recommend 2GB of memory for servers running Reaction. If you are swapping out to disk you are going to be pretty slow.


How can I deploy this with my source code?


Hi, you will need to have your code built into a Docker image and then pushed to Docker hub.

so you replace reactioncommerce/reaction to yourdockerhubusername/dockerrepo:yourtag
The default tag is latest, so if you use that tag you won’t need to add it at the end, that is why there is no tag in the code.

So if you work locally you need to install docker, and to docker build, then docker push

I have been having trouble getting docker to build on pc and mac, so i am using bitbucket pipelines. It works very well. I am writing a guide for it now. This method works if you use bitbucket for your source control.