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Deploy guidelines

Great project so far got it up and running in 30 min.

I have a couple of questions regarding the deploy to production…

  1. Since 2.0 version is headless would you guys recommend deploy the Backend (reaction) and frontend (example reaction frontend) on the same server using docker?

  2. On 2.0 also we now have the oauth with Hydra… But I’m the the deploy steps there is no specification on how this should be deployed or if this should be deployed at all, the doc for the reaction Hydra image used for development states that it should not be used for production. So I’m a bit confused… I know it’s needed but I could use some help on how to deploy this. Can it be deployed again on the same server as the backend and frontend lives under docker? Or should I make a dedicated server just for this one?

Thank you in advance

Ps sorry for the noob questions, first time in diving into e-commerce :frowning:


+1 on this – wondering same thing about hydra. When I figure it out, will update.

Just realized hydra image is in docker-compose.yml. If you look at
You can just pull that and deploy on a separate container in a cluster

@verak indeed you can just use their image, but they do not recommend it from production from what I see on their readme page … :frowning: