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Customizing the Product Detail Page: Outdated?


I am going through the documentation to learn more about how to use and customize Reaction Commerce.

Is the * Customizing the Product Detail Page outdated for the 2.0 release candidate?

The page indicates: “The code in almost all the components is written in such a way that if a render function is passes in the props , that function will be run instead of the default one.”

However, when I attempt to pass a render function in the props as described, the new function does not show and the original component still shows.

I have been using a simple function to test. My ProductDetailCustom.js file:

import React, { Component, Fragment } from "react";
import Grid from "@material-ui/core/Grid";

export default {
  render() {
      // custom render code
      return (

It also does not run if I remove all of the Fragment and Grid component elements.

If the docs page is outdated, what is the new preferred method to customize components? If outdated, could someone update the docs with the new method?