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Customization Guide


Hey everyone,

I’ve been hard at work on a new introductory tutorial for developers who want to create custom shops with Reaction. (which is probably everyone).

This is the first version and some of the slots are still under construction but I think this would still be valuable and would appreciate your feedback.

The link is here and it should be added to the main docs soon.


If you are finding this thread. The Customization Guide is now part of the main docs, so you should look there for it.


trying your great guide:

While building package my:package:
ReferenceError: ReactionCore is not defined


where can I defined it?


please, add to guide reference about necessity adding
to package.js


Thanks for the correction. At what point did you run into that issue?


at point “create a new file called register.js” at which ReactionCore was referenced


almost every stage need ./reaction reset, what is reset mode?
with YES or NO delete build files?


seems, expression (about registering custom layout)
"To the registry key we are going to add a layout entry that looks like this:"
is incorrect:


Hi Brent, the customization guide is down >>>
Is there any other place I can read it from? Thanks a lot!


Looks like that’s only on the development branch right now.

Also FYI, you can always get all of the docs right from the source on Github.