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Custom Payment Method


I have written a custom payment method for Indian market. However, the payment service provider does not returns me a complete payment entity except the payment_id at Authorization. Hence, i’m left with no choice but to dummy the values of {storedCard, method and Currency} fields of paymentMethod.
However, when I approve and capture the payment from orders, my payment partner sends me the complete entity of payments along with mode of payment(credit/debit/wallet), the last 4digits of card, currency, etc. Is it possible to update paymentMethod within the capture method written at server side, so that atleast I can reflect correct details in the order page?


If you look at the way that the Paypal Express method handles this it should be similar. Paypal Express goes out to the Paypal site on the client side and only returns a token (no card) so that should hopefully give you a clue on how you can handle that.


Thanks Brent for this. I have been lately busy with other stuffs so couldn’t try this. I will give it a shot.