Could reaction commerce do this?


Hi everyone,

I have tested the basics of reaction commerce. It’s impressive.

But I am not sure whether is reaction a good bet to invest on it. Few questions.

a) is reaction production ready and able to handle millions of skus? If you look at spree counter parts, they claim to support 3 milllions SKUs. Not including Magento, Drupal Commerce, etc.

b) any production sites using reaction commerce now? probably bigger sites?

c) could i use dropshipping with reaction commerce now?

d) How about multi currency and multi countries taxation?

e) is it easy to build my own payment gateway modules on top of reaction commerce? I have to use some local payment gateways here. They have modules for drupal, magento and opencart.

f) by the way i am building something like this. Basically each popular people will have their own store page (products they want to promote, editorials contents, etc). Example, iphone 6s could appear in both Usher and Justin’s store page. If someone buys from Justin’s store, Justin gets commissions from it. I can see part of this can be built on meteor, but I am not sure about how much could I leverage on reaction commerce to make this worked?

The other concern i have, could I use the same iphone 6s with same SKU in both Usher and Justin’s store. Well basically anyone can add iphone 6s into their own store.

Note: Justin or Usher doesn’t sell the product. If any customer purchases, it goes to me and I will ship the products to the customers. But Justin or Usher will get the commissions depends on the customers purchasing from their own store page.
Note: This is not multi shops on different subdomain. It’s like a facebook profile page.

If reaction is not suitable, maybe I have to build all from scratch.

g) I know this could be basic question. Is mongodb really really suitable for ecommerce? That’s something I don’t really see out there. Most people used at least mysql or postgres.

h) Last but not least, can reaction work with the latest meteor 1.3?

Any help? Thanks.


You may want to check the FAQ’s in the documentation as some of your questions are answered there. Specifically about MongoDB and eCommerce.

To answer a couple of the other questions:

Yes it is. And I can say from experience as I have written or rewritten several of them myself. Check out this repository which is a “boilerplate” template on how to create a payment provider.

Not sure what “supporting” millions of SKUs would entail, as this is more a function of your database than the application itself. (Unless you are Magento and you need to cache everything to get halfway decent performance). Certainly MongoDB is going to a factor faster than using SQL databases because speed is one of the things it’s optimized for. It’s easy enough to fill up the db with SKU’s and give it a try. I can’t say we have ever tested 3 Million SKU’s but I feel pretty confident we could handle most use cases.

We currently support multi-currency but we might want to drill down to see if we are talking about the same thing. Right now customers can see prices in their local currency, but transaction are still done in your base currency under the hood. We currently don’t have any support for taxation. This is on the roadmap for the next set of features so we should be releasing something you could work with in the next couple of months. (I expect something more concrete later this week).



Hi Brent,

Your docs site is down

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.


By the way, does your docs cover question © and (f)? I think question (f) is more custom. But if you could offer some advices will be super awesome.

Update: Managed to look at your docs. It didn’t cover question © and (f).

I think for (h) won’t be supported for 1.3 or 1.3.1. So if I use features in 1.3.1, it won’t work in reaction commerce right? But I thought migration to 1.3.1 is straightforward for 1.2.1?

For taxation, I need something basic for now. Say 6% GST. I assume this can be done now?

I can assume I build my whole ecommerce app on meteor. Then I call reaction commerce functions right? or am I force to use whatever reaction commerce have and customise on top of it? Looking at your docs before this, it seems to be the latter approach similar to the typical shopping cars like Magento, OpenCarts.

Any help? Thanks.


as for this article

I read and study a bit, as mongodb can’t support transaction and transaction is used a lot in ecommerce. Could you confirm on this? If reaction is dependent on mongodb due to meteor, then isn’t this gonna be an issue? I wonder how does transactions play its role in ecommerce? any help to explain will be super awesome.


MongoDB does support transactions when you are committing a single document. See:

Things like: Orders, Cart, Product, are all stored as a single document, in otherwords… address is not stored in some addresses table, it’s stored directly in the cart, or order.


is reaction production ready and able to handle millions of skus?
I want to test for 10M . and let me what kind financial support and resources ?.