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Can't See Login Services in Store Front

Hi, forum,

I can’t see the login services in my storefront page. These are the steps that I have done.

  1. I access my Admin Dashboard -> Login Services then I applied the App Id and Secret Key for facebook

  2. Check the storefront page and hover the person icon no option for signing using facebook login services.

  3. I tried to click the sign in button and it redirects me to this page, but no login services for facebook

  4. But unlike when I visit only the localhost:3000 it’s showing the login services.

Did I do something wrong with my implementation?
Please guide me on how to fix this.

Hope this explains well my issue.


So basically, when you configure login services, you can configure a default method. In your case the default looks like ‘Email’ so when you click ‘Sign In’, it takes you directly to Email. But, if you go to the main site, it shows you all the login methods. Hope that helps.