Cannot access the dashboard from newly created plugin


Hi guys, I have just finished the excellent plugin tutorial and I want to play around with the Dashboard. Anytime I hit reaction/dashboard it does not find the page. I can access reaction/account/profile without any trouble. Any ideas? Thanks a lot for your help!


Are you signed in as an admin?


Yes! I am using the data provided in the DEFAULT ADMIN INFO box , provided by the terminal.


We’ve made a lot of changes to the Dashboard recently, have you updated to the latest version of the branch, and done a meteor npm install?


Hi Erik! I am up to date with and just did a meteor npm install. Still getting the ‘page not found’ view. =(


Hmmm… no console errors in the browser or Terminal?


None at all. It’s weird isnt’t it?


I might be a bit confused. Are you saying the dashboard isn’t working at all, or the dashboard isn’t working for your new plugin only?

If you want to speed things up a bit, you can chat with us in our channel on Gitter, I (and the rest of the team and other developers) are always quicker to respond in the chat.


Your registry entries for any dashboard view now requires a template + provides settings / dashboard in order show up and be usable.

    label: "Social Settings",
    icon: "fa fa-share-alt",
    route: "/dashboard/social",

    // use "dashboard" (big view) or "settings" (small view) 
    // it will also be split into "Actions" / "Settings" groups in dashboard list
    provides: "settings",

    container: "dashboard",
    template: "socialSettings" . // Blaze template required


Thanks Mike I will try this asap and let you know!


The dashboard works fine without my plugin! I will talk to you guys via Gitter then, thanks a lot Erik!


Great Mike, that was the issue! Thanks a lot, you have saved me man!!!