Can a third-party plugin for Reaction Commerce use a non-GPL commercial license?


I have implemented 18 payment modules for Magento 2.
I think about doing the same for Reaction Commerce, but I do not want my work be GPL-licensed.
Can a third-party plugin for Reaction Commerce use a non-GPL commercial license?

Can a third-party provider of Reaction Commerce related services / plugins use the «reaction» word in its domain name?

You are free to use whatever license you like for the software that you write. $$$


Hmmm, I think this is incorrect. The GPL folks themselves have this to say:

     It depends on how the main program invokes its plug-ins. If the main program uses fork and exec to invoke plug-ins, and they establish intimate communication by sharing complex data structures, or shipping complex data structures back and forth, that can make them one single combined program. A main program that uses simple fork and exec to invoke plug-ins and does not establish intimate communication between them results in the plug-ins being a separate program.

    If the main program dynamically links plug-ins, and they make function calls to each other and share data structures, we believe they form a single combined program, which must be treated as an extension of both the main program and the plug-ins. If the main program dynamically links plug-ins, but the communication between them is limited to invoking the ‘main’ function of the plug-in with some options and waiting for it to return, that is a borderline case.

    Using shared memory to communicate with complex data structures is pretty much equivalent to dynamic linking.

Which I believe applies to everything in a javascript project (as all components share memory space)

Notice this is different from the GPL v2 which wordpress uses more discussion on that topic, and drupal which has a discussion here

So in this case if you want to create commercially licensed ‘plugins’ you would need to do so externally and go through an ‘api’ or something similar. I believe this to be one of the primary motivators for the explosion of microservices.

Furthermore, I think all published code, or redistributed in any other fashion, under the umbrella of the reaction commerce directory (*including the imports directory) would immediately and irrevocably be subject to the GPL v3

I always post this show when people ask about licensing issues