Bulk Importing products and images



I already created an importer script from excel to my reaction project, I already imported 1600 variants, all ok.

Now, I need to import 2 images for each of them.

I can’t understand the docs, is there a sample how bulk import images associated to variants and products?




I found the option in the dashboard, nevertheless with the current master code, it does not work.

The code call a findOne() function, from the client side over Products collection, when the current products subscription has 0 records.

Someone tested this function with the last version?

I fixed it calling a subscription before execute the findOne() method.



Hey Carlos.

Where did you find the bulk import in the dashboard?

Do you know by accident, if there is a way that Reaction reads image files that get uploaded on the server? I would like to do the import automatically without using the dashboard.



For records (json): As I know, the bulk import fires when ractionc starts, looks into /private/data.

For Images:

In dashboard->options there are a option to bulk import the images. Only import from local disk.

it is possible by custom code, to import from other locations (server file system as example), but it has to be coded.