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Building B2B portal with Reaction



I’m new to Reaction and before starting the project would like to get your opinion:

  1. When building B2B portal, where ecommerce is only one of the options and we need to build several others (i.e. reports, warranty claim, etc.), should we use RC as a framework and build other options as custom plugins or should we build separate framework and include Reaction as a one of the options run inside of that framework?
  2. We would like to have login page as a landing page of the application (without header/footer), so we created new layout. How can we change back to default layout after login?
  3. The whole Reaction Commerce application has ~4.4MB. We are building the B2B solution for small shops who may have very slow internet (i.e. download takes 1.5 min when on 1Mbps). Is there a way to make it lighter, i.e. to load only some, pre-selected components and load the rest only on demand (i.e. when user clicks on the button)?
  4. Refreshing page during development is very slow. Is there a way to disable it and refresh it on demand? Or is there a way to speed it up (i.e. re-compile only front end portion of the application?)

Any help would be really appreciated!