Building a Bundle *.tar.gz file



I am really Interested in building a web shop using reaction commerce.

So far a figured out most things.

The only issue that I have is that I need for my deployment process to be able to build a working Bundle file.

I tried “meteor build”

But unfortunately, the resulting app delivers me only a white page.

I am Running a Docker compose file with Mongo DB.
The Image is base on Centos 7
Node is installed.

you can see the result here: www.

Can anyone provide some guidance and point me in the right direction?

Kind regards


are you saying that you arent using the reaction docker images ?
reactioncommerce/reaction for the default store deployment
reactioncommerce/base for your custom store deployment


Assuming you’re customizing Reaction, you can create a custom build with:

docker build -t yourname/reaction:latest .

Then create a docker-compose.yml with this:

  image: yourname/reaction:latest
    - mongo
    - "3000:3000"
    ROOT_URL: "http://localhost"
    MONGO_URL: "mongodb://mongo:27017/reaction"

  image: mongo:latest
  command: mongod --storageEngine=wiredTiger

And run that with:

docker-compose up -d

But if you’re not actually customizing code, you can skip the build step and just use the official image instead.