Build Times and Breaking Changes


Hey all - I was hoping someone could give me advice on the issues we are encountering.

I am currently working at a startup trying to launch a MVP based on Reaction Commerce. Let me say that the features that Reaction Commerce provides are amazing. However, I hate to say the developer experience leaves a lot to be desired. With build times hovering around 2 minutes (on 1.6.x), I was extremely excited about the latest release of 1.8.x, where I witnessed build times of ~40 seconds. However, upgrading our codebase was not as seamless as we had hoped (even after creating our modifications inside of a plugin). The most notable issue of the upgrade was that our build and deployment process was broken (which took several days to setup). This has been a major setback for us, one we cannot afford as an early stage startup with limited resources.

I can’t begin to explain the level of my frustration with the slow builds, when other build systems exist (like webpack), which make the build process almost instantaneous. This is especially irritating when making small changes to the UI. Additionally, with the breaking changes of the latest release, I am ready to recommend to my co-founder that we move off of Reaction Commerce.

Anyways, sorry for the rant but I am seeking any advice you could give. Thanks.