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Build Speed Issue, Questions in my mind 🤕


First I don’t see any topic mention to building time speed, that gives me filling the problem from my device, but really I don’t see this annoying slow in any framework, and the Reaction has powerful work and great features I love it and I wan’t to build my MVP project on it BUT the devlopment speed it’s very slow :frowning: , Imagine if I need to change row I go and make a :coffee:️ and watch some videos to waste of time until finish the build, the first question, is this just happened on my device or global speed issue?
and the second question, as my little experience the Webpack has great performance,
Why the Reaction team not used? and what the module build the Reaction use?

Sorry for asking more questions in this post, but I have those in my mind I need someone give the answers.



Hi Nuruddin,

first of all, we certainly are aware of the slow build times. It’s not something that can be solved with a single improvement, instead we need to tackle different things to get this back on track. Some reasons for slow build times perhaps are rooted in Meteor’s bundler itself, while others are more related to the way Reaction’s plugins are structured. So we’re tackling this problem in various ways. The first thing would be to factor out all plugins in /imports/plugins/included into it’s own NPM packages. That way the code would only be included if they are installed actually. Also we’re working on a GraphQL server which ultimately should allow to develop for client and server in a more decoupled way. And additionally we’re striving to move away from Meteor incrementally which should give us more freedom in the way we’re building the application.



Regarding plans to move away from Meteor, do you have any roadmap for that? Discovered your platform recently and it is exacltly what I was needed. But when I tried to create my own payment plugin, the dev experience was so painful, I had to wait more than I actually code. So I would like to contribute, and the things I care the most at the moment are build time and server side rendering. For SSR I found this issue, do you have anything like that for transition from Meteor (because I think it is the main bottleneck, correct me if I am wrong)?


Agreed. It’s impossible to develop as it stands, even with very decent hardware. I would be very, very interested to see an updated roadmap.


I’ve had good success running “METEOR_DISABLE_OPTIMISTIC_CACHING=1 reaction” while developing. It only takes around 20 seconds to refresh now, much better than the several minutes I was initially seeing during development.

I’m curious if Reaction has been using the recently added bundle-visualizer to determine modules that should be dynamically imported. My Reaction Commerce instance’s bundle is around 6.5mb (with a couple custom plugins). The biggest slices in the bundle visualizer are a stub library and transliterations. Just dynamically importing 4-5 of the heaviest npm modules would significantly help, I’d think.