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Braintree SDK api keys


The docs here:
Indicate there is a merchant_id, public_key, and a private_key. However, on this page:

They now come like this:

which I am making the assumption that is

Are the dollar signs included in the braintree sdk keys? I have tried entering the keys both with ( “$public_key” ) and without the $, ( “private_key” ) in the dashboard, but I only get a continuous submit that never completes upon checkout and nothing in the paypal live api panel for my sandbox


I wonder if you are going to the correct place for the keys? Looking at the docs here it still appears to be a merchant ID, private and public keys. I know that Braintree was bought by Paypal, but I believe their systems are still completely separate.


Ok, definitely ignore the paypal “Braintree SDK Credentials” from the link in my OP, the correct API keys can be found on the braintree site here: and it does not come as one lump but indeed three separate strings.

note: the “Braintree SDK Credentials”, are in fact for connecting paypal to braintree once you have braintree successfully connected to your RC site.