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App failed to start



I’ve got this error while running on ubuntu


How do you create the project?

reaction init reaction
sudo reaction init reaction

Wich are the permissions of folder /home/ubuntu/projects/reaction /home/.config/

ls -l /home/ubuntu/projects/reaction
ls -l /home/ubuntu/.config


You should not use sudo when you install either Node or the Reaction CLI then you should fine


Not using sudo to init reaction makes sense, but you have to use sudo to apt install software.

sudo apt install nodejs

Right, Brent?

Btw, I’m here because I’m new and my app start has failed. Brand new Ubuntu 18.04 Server vm. My failure is different that this thread, so I’ll try to find a relevant thread and create a new one if necessary.


If you do that then you need to follow these instructions

Unfortunately it’s hard to document all the different ways you can install NodeJS on all the different distros so we have to leave it up to the Node documentation to help you.