App failed to build on Mac


We have clone the reaction commerce project by using reaction init command we run it with reaction command it successfully run . when we try to build docker image by using following command
docker built -t imagename .
then image not built on MacBook Pro [16 GB RAM], throwing error on terminal see screenshot:

Please advice.


You can try building with METEOR_PROFILE=100 and METEOR_DEBUG_BUILD=1 environment vars set and see what seems to be the issue.

I believe 137 is memory-related (run out of physical memory). If you check the instructions on building with docker, they list an environment var for node to use more memory. I think you needed to build with
TOOL_NODE_FLAGS="--max-old-space-size=4096" env var. I use this but with 2048 on a vm with 4GB of RAM, because 4096 on the same vm doesn’t work.

You should check if you need to increase the memory allocated to a container - on Mac docker defaulted to 2GB per container on my machine.

Hope this is useful.