Amazon s3 for FS.Collection



I am moving from GridFS to Amazon S3 in a project, I have some problems, one of them is a error related to security definitions when change the configuration with two separate code (server and client according library documentation).

Someone already implemented S3 in reaction commerce? or some place to look?




As soon exposed the Collection object at client side, I got this error:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘files’ of undefined
at packages/ongoworks:security/lib/server/Security.Rule.js:17:11
at Array.forEach (native)
at Function..each..forEach (packages/underscore.js:139:11)
at _class.collections (packages/ongoworks:security/lib/server/Security.Rule.js:14:7)
at module.export.exports.default (server/security/collections.js:115:51)
at module.export.exports.default (server/security/index.js:5:3)
at server/main.js:7:3
at Function.time (/Development/meteor/reaccion-local/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/profile.js:301:28)
at /Development/meteor/reaccion-local/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/boot.js:304:13
at /Development/meteor/reaccion-local/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/boot.js:345:5
at (/Development/meteor/reaccion-local/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/profile.js:480:12)
at /Development/meteor/reaccion-local/.meteor/local/build/programs/server/boot.js:343:11
=> Exited with code: 1



That problem was fixed. it was related to reaction commerce security.

Nevertheless FS.Collection doesn’t work well with S3 neither with File system. (is a library that was not maintained for two years!)

I moved to file system, but I had to do some fixes related to Blaze UI.