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Adding a static menu option inside the dashboard menu

Hello, I’m trying to add a static menu option inside the dashboard navigation that will simply redirect to an external page.
So far I’ve tried adding it in the Sidebar.js component under the wrapper, this adds it fine but because it’s not rendered using the automatic router options like the other menu components it won’t add the required classes so when it comes to responsive design the style can get ugly.
I’m thinking that I should add the option inside the register.js file for an existing module? Like the Social one as it is positioned as the last one in the menu.
Any help regarding this issue would be appreaciated.


Hi @alexander90, welcome to the Reaction community!

I feel like that deserves to be suggested to the core team. If you’d like to file a feature request on GitHub — or even better, a PR to implement this change — that would be amazing.

At this stage, since there’s no official way to do this with the plugin registration API, I can’t recommend any cleaner way than what you’ve tried.