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Access denied on editing Shop Localization fields


Are you running the latest version?
Did you search the issue queue for existing issue?

Issue Description

I’ve been unable to editing any field like Timezone or Base Currency on Admin > Settings > Shop Localization. When I do so, all I get in my browser’s console is the following error, and nothing gets ever changed.

update failed: Access denied. No allow validators set on restricted collection for method 'update'.

Steps to Reproduce

Please provide starting context, i.e. logged in as a user, configure a particular payment method.

  1. Loggin to Reaction Admin
  2. Navigate to Settings > Shop Localization
  3. Try editing any field such as Timezone, Base Currency, Base Language…

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I’m experiencing this as well

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sam here, is it a bug?

@realradical This should be fixed in the latest version of reaction-admin. Are you still having this issue?

i will give it another try. although i did use the latest image last time